Valentine’s Day Lingerie Ideas

If you and your partner make an effort to keep the sexy going in your relationship, you know that Valentine’s Day is the day you have to blow it out of the park. But what can you do that is unique, erotic and hasn’t been done before? Well, we’re not sure what your preferences are in bed, but we can tell you that it all starts with alluring lingerie.

If Valentine’s Day, or any other special sexy occasion, is coming up, here are some things you will want to keep in mind when you buy sexy lingerie.

Is Red Dead?

Of course, Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to wear red so you may be tempted to go for a bright red outfit with plenty of hearts. However, studies show that most men find black to be the biggest turn on when it comes to colors.

However, if you insist on keeping with the theme of the holiday, a deep red is also alluring, especially when its featured on silky, satiny materials.

What Styles are Best?

Lingerie comes in so many different styles. When you buy sexy lingerie, you must consider the tastes of both you and your partner as well as the styles you are comfortable in. Keeping that in mind, here are a few options for erotic lingerie outfits that guarantee you are dressed to impress.

Semi-Sheer Babydoll Lingerie: These dress and panty sets are cute, elegant and easy to put on and take off. For an added touch of sexy, go for a satiny dress that’s sheer where it matters.

Sequin Teddie Lingerie: Teddie lingerie is a type of one piece lingerie that is also recommended as a simple piece that is easy to get into and out of. Elevate your teddy look for Valentine’s Day by going for exquisite sequin detail that will let your partner know this is a special occasion.

Bra and Panty Set: We tend to think of lingerie as sexy outfits rather than undergarments, but a bra and panty set can be very alluring as well. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, you will want to go that extra mile wearing a set that is detailed and/or features rich materials like velvet or even leather!

How to Take it To the Next Level

Once you have a look you feel confident with, it’s time to set the scene. Be sure your bedroom is decked out with candles and rose petals and smells sweet as these are all powerful aphrodisiacs. Then get ready to spoil your partner with sensations that will make this Valentine’s Day the best ever.

Now the only question is…how will you top this next year?

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