Could You Be Addicted to Lingerie?

Don’t be fooled. The lingerie addiction is real. And by the time your closets are straining under the weight of excessive undergarments it may be too late.

If you constantly feel the need to buy sexy lingerie, it’s time to take action and the first step is finding out if you’re addicted. Here are some telling signs.

Your Underwear Always Matches Your Bra: And we’re not just talking about wearing a black bra with black panties. We’re talking about full on matching sets.

You Subscribe to Newsletters from Your Favorite Lingerie Brands: If your inbox is full of emails about lingerie including new arrivals, specials and discounts, you may have a problem. (And you may also be a very smart shopper!)

You’re Up to Date on Lingerie Trends: We’re talking about more than just knowing the latest styles, we’re talking about being the one your friends turn to when they need lingerie advice, want to know the latest lingerie teddy styles, are venturing into the world of fetish lingerie and more.

You Shop for Lingerie When You’re at Work: Do you often have to shut down your computer because the boss walked in when you were in the middle of shopping for sexy lingerie? This could be a serious problem. After all, now you have to find the right page and log back on to complete your purchase!

The Staff at Your Local Lingerie Store Knows Your Name: Face it, it’s kind of like Norm going into Cheers every time you go into your local lingerie store. Not only do they all treat you like a regular, they have a special dressing room set aside just for you.

And let’s not even mention the fact that they know your favorite styles and set aside naughty lingerie items they know you are going to love.

You Know How to Care for Your Lingerie: Not only do you make sure your lingerie is washed in the most delicate detergent and properly hung or stored, it just makes you cringe when you see others stuff their lingerie into drawers without a care in the world. This is lingerie! Not just some old dress or something!

If you have been experiencing one or more of these symptoms, your lingerie addiction may be real. We advise you get help immediately….by shopping even more!

That’s right, lingerie can help boost self-confidence, it is the ultimate in self-care, and let’s not forget what it can do for your love life! Plus, a little lingerie never hurt nobody!

Embrace your addiction and continue wearing the sexy styles you love! You have our blessing!

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