Reviewing 5 Glamour Lingerie Companies

Shopping for lingerie can be tiring, whether you choose to buy lingerie in Canada stores or to buy lingerie online in Canada. I took the hassle out of your imminent decision by reviewing five glamour lingerie companies. You are welcome!

*all sizes are American or else otherwise stated.

Darkest Fox t: 4.5, Darkest Fox introduces a dark side to luxury with their provocative designs.

Sizing: with a size range 32A to 42G, they offer a variety but not one that is truly extensive but certainly better than certain retailers.

Price: It certainly cost a pretty penny to shop here with prices that start at $41 for a bra.

Shipping: shipping is costly but free shipping is offered on orders that exceed $250. However, returns are tricky and likely not feasible.

Quality: exceptional quality.

Communication: decent.

Blush Lingerie: 4.5, Blush lingerie is a luxury for the working-class girl. Looking good without having to twist the purse is a good descriptor for this brand.

Sizing: 32A-38F, XS-XL. A decent line of sizes.

Price: is the most affordable on the list with most lingerie items capping at an impressive $45.

Shipping: Fast and reliable shipping.

Quality: Good quality material.

Communication: okay communication.

Fleur of England: 4.5, A UK based company, its name translates to “flower of England”. With designs heavy in silk and lace material its no question that this is a bed of luxury.

Sizing: UK6-16, UK30C-36E. another decent but not extensive size line.

Price: Prices range from $45 to three-digit figures. They offer discounts regularly.

Shipping: fast and guaranteed shipping.

Quality: excellent quality, with a few misses.

Communication: responsive costumer care.

Maiki: 3.5, this Australian based brand is great for quality but offers little in the design department.

Sizing: XS -L, UK34A-40DD.

Price: prices start at 500.

Shipping: not detailed.

Quality: Great quality overall reported.

Communication: great.

Tylynn Nguyen: 3.5, This lowkey and minimalist brand pride itself on bringing luxury rest wear to its affluent market. With a current product line of only 18 items, this brand continues to satisfy its target base.

Sizing: the company claims a stretchy waistband material and advises to choose sizes based on the cup. XS – A Cup, S – B Cup, M – C Cup, L – D Cup

Price: Prices for this brand start at $109 for a pair of panties and $133 for a bra.

Shipping: great shipping.

Quality: good quality.

Communication: responsive customer care.

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All reviews are based on general verified customer reviews.

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