The Stripper Fantasy

People may have mixed feelings about strippers, but one thing is for sure, they are undeniably sexy. If you are looking for proof, consider the many pole dancing classes that are now available. Not only is this a great way to stay in shape, it’s a fantastic way to entertain in the bedroom.

You don’t have to have a pole in your bedroom to make your stripper sexual role play character ideas come alive…but it sure can help. In any case, here are some ways you can pretend you’re having sex with the sexiest stripper of all.

Either the man or woman can be the stripper. The stripper is required to wear the sexiest lingerie possible. He or she should then put on some classic stripper music and perform a sexy dance.

One the number is completed, things can get more intimate when the person in the audience requests a lap dance. The lap dance can lead to touching and erotic moves until both of you become so turned on you rip off what little clothes you still have on.

Sexy dances and erotic touching are commonly used in bedroom play, but really getting into the stripper and member of the audience roles can take it to the next level. If the partners act like they are strangers who never met before, it can add to the excitement.

Stripper fantasies can be a great way to live out your sexy role play ideas. How will you be bringing this scenario to life in your bedroom tonight?

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